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Vinted Academy Project Dashboard Mockup

About the project

Creating UI Mockup for Internship application

One of the Vinted Academy 2021 pre-application tasks was to create a solution to a problem related to sustainability. My idea was to create a mockup for a web-based platform which would have all solar-panel companies and their deals listed here. The utility is valuable and straightforward – increase and simplify the process of solar panel adoption in the private sector.

UI Design, UX Design
Vinted Academy Project Dashboard Mockup


Product-based hypothesis

Solar power keeps increasing its popularity and is becoming the go-to solution for the private energy sector

Renewable energy, particularly solar power, keeps increasing its popularity and is becoming the go-to solution for the private sector. "Questions like "is it worth it to have a solar panel?" doesn't exist anymore. Now we ask ourselves when all of us will use it." While the popularity of solar power increases, more and more companies are borning and offering various kinds of deals. With more offers in the market, more headache comes to the user.


The problem

There is no simple and straightforward solution to buy and setup solar panels for your house.

If you want to get solar panels for your house, there is no easy way to find deals on the market which suit your EXACT needs. First of all, you have to spend time searching for different companies, contacting them individually, learning all the technical details, and understanding what you need. Then, you will think if any of those deals are excellent and worth it at the end of the day. We are not even questioning the background policies like trustworthiness and guarantees.


Product idea

1 - Develop web-based marketplace

Develop a web-based platform, which will find the best solar panel deals for you.

Dashboard UI Homepage Mockup
Homepage UI Concept


how it works

Marketplace solution like or

Just like you're searching for best-value flights on your next holiday trip to Bali using or, putting all those different filters - we will be using a similar method to find the best solar panel offers based on your exact household needs.

Practical Scenarios

• Are you living in a flat and can't build solar panels yourself - we may offer you to join a solar panel park!
• Having an electric vehicle and planning to charge it overnight? May be interested in purchasing a power wall.
• Have a limited roof space and wondering if it will be enough for you? No worries, find a deal with new rotating panels and achieve 6x higher efficiency than casual panels!
• Etc... Abilities are endless

Quiz based applications

And the best part, there would be a relatively short quiz, which will find the best offer for you, based on your needs. The quiz wouldn't contain technical questions like "how many kilowatts do you use in a week?". Instead, using an interactive and straightforward question-based funnel, we will determine the possible electric usage and offer the best deal on the market.

Dashboard UI Form Filling Mockup
Quiz Concept UI
Dashboard UI Mockup
'Best Deals' Page Concept UI


Goal and Business model

Increase solar panel adoption in private sector and create marketplace for it

The goal is to fasten and increase solar panel usage in Lithuania, especially in the private sector. In addition, you can affiliate based marketplace.

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