Designed and developed a compelling AI-empowered no-code platform that drove $150k in revenue within 6 months.


The Challenge

Business goals

Elevate Sintra AI's initial Notion-based offering into a robust, user-friendly platform for its digital products. Optimize user experience and engagement to boost product discoverability and usage. Drive revenue growth through effective monetization of the enhanced platform.


Notion files offered limited functionality for prompt management and exploration. Lack of user accounts and gated content hindered potential revenue. Unstructured prompts created discoverability challenges for customers.



initial Development and feedback

Rapidly designed and launched the initial Sintra AI platform, transforming the existing Notion setup. Early user feedback highlighted the need for advanced search, favoriting, ease of access, and AI-powered personalization.

In-Depth User Analysis

Utilized tools like Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar, and Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights into user behavior and purchase journeys. Usability testing pinpointed specific pain points and collected qualitative feedback.


Design and Development

Webflow Integration

Leveraged Webflow's flexibility to craft a visually appealing and intuitive website aligned with Sintra AI's brand. Built a robust CMS to streamline prompt management and updates.

Authentication and Gated Content

Integrated Memberstack for secure user authentication and paywalls. Designed user-friendly workflows for registration, login, and product access.

Prompt Management Features

Developed advanced search, filtering, tagging, and favoriting functions for optimized prompt discovery. Enhanced the user experience with intuitive interfaces for prompt copying and editing.

Dashboard Creation

Crafted a dynamic dashboard featuring trending prompts and personalized recommendations. Prioritized easy navigation and visual clarity for optimal user engagement.



Prompts Engagement

Enabled 30,000+ prompts saves, reflecting positive user interaction.

Increased User Base

Grew the user base to 30,000+ within 6 months of launch.

Revenue Growth

Generated $150,000+ in revenue, demonstrating successful on-platform upsell monetisation.

SEO Optimization

Implemented AI-empowered SEO processes for improved search visibility.

Automation Success

Achieved automated optimisation of 10,000+ prompts using AI.

Product Expansion

Facilitated the launch of 3 additional product lines (Sintra Bots, Sintra Tools, and Sintra AIĀ Helpers).