Streamlined payment limit management within the Chase UK mobile banking app, empowering users and reducing support workload.


The Challenge

Business goals

Chase UK aimed to improve user self-service capabilities within their mobile banking app to enhance customer satisfaction and independence. Reducing operational costs stemming from manual payment limit adjustments was another key objective, along with optimising support efficiency by introducing workflow automation tools and conditional logic for addressing common customer queries.


Limited or nonexistent payment limit functionality within the app resulted in a high volume of user support requests. This lack of user control over payment limits led to friction and frustration, adversely impacting the overall customer experience. Additionally, the support team was burdened with repetitive, manual tasks related to these limit adjustments, which could be significantly streamlined through technological solutions.

Confidentiality Notice

Due to company policy, I cannot share specific design solutions, research insights, or project outcomes at this time. To experience the current payment limits functionality in action, please download Chase UK mobile banking app.