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About the project

from a skecth to a live web

BlazerAgency is an advertising agency that focuses on scaling e-commerce businesses. As the Agency grew exponentially, updating their "Digital Business card" - a website became essential. We collaborated with Agency itself from initial design sketches to creating a final web. One of the main goals was to make sure that the homepage would be an efficient lead-gen in itself

Blazer Agency
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Blazer Agenzy Website Mockup


The goal

Convert web into a lead gen

Creating a new, refreshed website for an agency itself is not enough - it has to generate results using the cold traffic. That's the channel your potential clients will see you for the first time, and the presentation has to be perfect. For this instance, the goal was to create lead gen based website with multiple social proof aspects showing a company itself




To successfully execute the project, design drafts had to be made. For the color palette, the original Blazer Agency branding was chosen. The only significant difference was introduced in the UI department: (modernised overall design, rounded CTA's, updated colour palette)

Advanced tecniques

Later on in the process, more advanced design techniques were introduced in UX Design:

  • Sticky Sections
  • In-page navigations
  • Preloaded inbound links
  • Tabs usage for content filtering
  • Scroll-based animations for attention-grabbing
Blazer Agency Website MockupBlazer Agenzy Wesbsite on a Laptop MockupBlazer Agency Landing Mockup
Blazer Agency Website Mockups


what did I learn?

Collaborating with wise clients - ride full of joy tears

When the clients value the project and understand its importance, it immense responsibility on you. But with these types of clients you're not working alone, the collaboration comes inevitably and it often leads to the better results

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