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About the project

Branding from the scratch

Alpha Global Education is a tutoring agency that helps students get into the world's most prestigious universities. For these high-end services, it is essential to have solid and trustworthy word of mouth in the market and present yourself as a prestigious service provider. As the company was planning to enter new markets, it was crucial to establish a new branding foundation and develop a modern, efficient and CMS friendly website

Alfa Klase
Web Development
Alpha Global Education Website Pages Mockup


The problem

Solid presentation of the brand was necessary in order to enter new markets succesfully

Alpha Global Education (primarily known as Prime Learning) had a poor overall brand representation. The company had to meet digital standards to be appealing to a younger audience. And its lack of it - was their one of the most prominent anchor of success


Goal & process

Homework before going worldwidee

The goal was to create complete branding and develop  a trust-worthy website

1 - Brand Identity

The first thing was to create brand guidelines that include logo, color palette and typography hierarchy

Alpha Global Education Branding Template
Alpha Global Education Brand Guidelines

2 - Web Design & Development

The next thing was to create an outstanding, trust-worthy, and well-optimized website. For these goals to achieve - I've chosen the Webflow platform.

Because the website's primary purpose was to generate leads through featured services, I've created a funnel-based landing page that focuses on answering all visitor questions about the service:

  • What is this service?
  • What will I learn?
  • What will be the studying plan?
  • Are there any examples of study material?

And besides these general intuitive questions, we've integrated social proof elements:

  • Presented mentors and their background
  • Featured students reviews
  • Added FAQ's sections
Alpha Global Education Website Pages Mockup
Website Homepage Design

3 - Social media & B2B branding

Any modern business whose audience is teenagers must have well-prepared and branded social media. That's why for every social media post or event, we're using custom-made visuals which represent Alpha Global Education branding

Alpha Global Education is trying not only to sell services directly to students but also to cooperate with schools and other institutions. For this reason, it is also essential to have strong branding in sales proposals and documents to build credibility

Alpha Global Education Social Media TemplatesAlpha Global Education Document Template Mockup


what did I learn?

High Risk - High Reward

There is no better feeling than having complete freedom while developing a project for the client. There are so many times when clients themselves are scared of radical changes, which often results in projects with less potential than expected. Of course, it's our job as designers to communicate all the goals and processes, and when we manage to do it well - the design process becomes a joyful ride, and the results speak for themselves

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