5AM Project Website Mockup

About the project

Creating Full branding for a podcast

5AM is a podcast-based project about self-development. Many well-known people are being invited to the podcast to speak about their daily routines, habits, and dive deeper into their profession to unveil the importance of healthy life. As the project started to grow rapidly, the day of the rebranding has come. My job was to create a full rebranding for the brand. That included modernizing a logo, defining a typography set,  clarifying a tone of voice, creating visual guidelines, and developing UI designs for the web.

Web Development
UI Design
5AM Project Banner


The problem

As the project started to grow rapidly, the day of the rebranding has come.

5AM was creating powerful content that involved starting controversial topics on social media, podcasts with well-known CEOs, and publishing ground-breaking tips for productivity. But the branding at the time didn't represent the weight of the content posted and needed a bold and a statement-making public rebrand.



Make it pop and make it bold! Imagine us screaming at your face

The goal was to make 5AM look bold, powerful, and noticeable in every digital aspect. If you would see any visual digital material of 5 AM - you have to remember.


The process

1 - Redesigning a Logo

At first, the 5AM logo was looking very friendly. If you would see it for the first time, we wouldn't blame you for thinking it's a kindergarten logo or your sister's diary. My goal was simple - make it bolder and more aggressive.

5AM Project Logos Evolution
Original logo, Temprorary logo, Rebranded Logo

2 - Creating a Brand Identity

As the media content outputs were skyrocketing, it was a must to have consistent and well documented visual communication rules. For now, the new set of typography and colours have solved our issue.

5AM Typography and Colours Swatches
Typography scaling rules for the Website and color palette

3 - Creating a Website

The next thing was to create a website. The majority of the content was being published on social media, but as the project cathed a growth momentum, it became crucial to have a website. At least for business card purposes.

5AM Website Mockup


what did I learn?

Don't limit yourself — keep seeking new design approaches

Developing projects using new design techniques and applying the newest UI trends is always challenging. For this reason, trying to understand and analyze inspirational designs more deeply on Dribble helped me to understand the fundamental concepts of those designs and use the similar approaches more efficiently

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